Thursday January 3, 2008

Inspector Rebus

I bought a book yesterday, by a novelist I’ve been meaning to read for the longest while. I came across his name a few times in my handy “Writing Crime Fiction” guide that I’ve been perusing and recently, his novels have been turned into a telly series, Rebus.

The author’s name? Ian Rankin, creator of the Inspector Rebus novels. At least later on, he is Inspector Rebus. In his first novel the one I’m currently reading, Knots and Crosses, he’s just Detective Sergeant Rebus. I’m a little annoyed that I know that somewhere along the line John Rebus gets promoted, since at this point in the novel, the author had taken much pain to show that he’s too much of a bastard to be promoted into anything.

Don’t you just love anti-heroes?

Anyway, I highly recommend Ian Rankin based on the few chapters I’ve read so far. It’s well-written, you get pulled into the shady world of Scotland (Scotland is shady?!) very quickly.

On other news, I do apologise if I sounded a little immature in my previous post. It sounded like I was going to shut my blog down if I don’t get any readers, myah myah myah. It brought my readers (all three of you! hahaha) to write in to say no! What I meant to say was, I’ve thought about it but really I can’t bring myself to. I like it too much, it’s my place for self-indulgence.

Aside from that, I’ve been really caught up with creating mini-characters for Tanjong Ole, so much so that it’s distracting me from writing other fiction. Aaaah, I can’t help it. I’m starting to fall for all my characters, from Inspector Jamal to lovely Doctor Chan who will be introduced few fic-lets on. Will post one today, and hopefully, I can hold back from posting a few more drabbles till Sunday.

Till then!

Posted 1/3/2008 at 2:20 AM


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