Saturday December 15, 2007


More Doctor Who

Not that anyone reads this blog for Doctor Who commentary but I thought I’d better put in my own two cents here somewhere. David would think I’m a geek, but well, we’ve fully established we’re gerds soo….that comment is like irrelevant.

Martha > Rose. Rose < Martha or In Defense of RTD

I admit, when Martha first came on the screen, I found her majorly annoying. It was only around the time of 42 and Human Nature did I finally warm up to Martha on the screen. I dearly missed Rose and I loved the Doctor/Rose dynamic and it was difficult to like Martha when she was mooning over the Doctor and saying things which I perceived as unkind to Rose.

That was what? Sometime in June, July? It’s December 2007 and my opinion of Martha Jones have changed from the first time I watched Doctor Who Season 3 considerably. I really like her character and while I don’t necessarily ship Martha and Doctor, it doesn’t mean I dislike her. But here are my reasons why I think the accusations of Martha!hate is a bit unfair to RTD.

Why can’t the Doctor fall in love with Martha?
Without going into the entire, the Doctor is asexual argument which I think, frankly is ridiculous because clearly, New Who has shown that he can and has fallen in love a few times, the Doctor loves Rose. Despite the weaknesses and flaws in her character and believe you me, Rose has plenty of flaws, the Doctor loves her and was in love with her. He lost her in the most tragic way possible, knowing that she is alive and despite the most wonderful ship in the universe, he can’t reach her. He has the right to mourn. Him falling in love with Martha in my opinion, would be in bad taste. The Doctor as a slutboi?  No way. He can’t even tell Rose that he loves her so to suddenly fall in love with Martha would be incredibly off-putting for me.

The Doctor didn’t appreciate Martha
The Doctor was mean to Martha argument is getting old for me. From what I see, series 1 to series 3, the Doctor was mean to everyone. In the excellent words of Timothy Latimer in Family of Blood, the Doctor is “Fire and ice, and rage”. He is fire and ice, he is either very cold or warm, but more importantly, he is rage. He has an anger that cannot be assuaged. He can be very cold and has shown to be very cold to either his enemies (Family of Blood) or to his former companions (Jack). And it wasn’t just Ten who ran away from Jack, it was Nine who knew that he was alive but refused to stay and wait for him. The Doctor cares so much for the universe and yet is cowardly enough to run away. He’s one of the most fascinating characters on TV. One who is heroic and yet so flawed. Him unappreciating one of his most capable companions was a recurring motif rather than a personal vendetta against Martha.

RTD hates Martha
Firstly, the Daily Mail interview was just a bit off (it is the Daily Mail after all) and failed to grasp what RTD was trying to say. Martha being second best to Rose in my opinion has been and always will be, a plot device rather than RTD’s opinion to what he feels about Martha. I think what he meant was that if the Doctor had said to Martha “You’re like a new Rose to me”, he meant that if they wrote that in, the Doctor was one hell of a slutboi and the relationship he had with Rose was rendered meaningless.

Most good writers and I do consider RTD as one of the best TV writers out there, will never hate on any one of their characters. They love all their characters even the most flawed ones. When I write, I tend to love my flawed characters the most. But there is not a single one character that I dislike in my own writing. In my NIDA class, our tutor explained to us, love all your characters. If you judge your character, it becomes impossible to create a real person that captures the audience’s imagination. They become one-dimensional and didactic. Martha was pretty real to me and could only have been created through a lot of love and care.

The only time that I felt that Martha was ‘off’ having rewatched the series again was during the episode Smith and Jones. She was just too fantastic. When she fell in love and felt second best, that’s when Martha became real to me. How many of us have fallen in love and felt second best? I know I have. She’s real and because of that, she’s fantastic. It takes a lot of guts for a writer to make a lovable character be treated badly by the main character. It’s the turmoil that makes the show. If everything is hunky-dory, there’s just no point in writing a story. It’s boring for the writer, it’s boring for the audience. The more of the Doctor’s heroism is juxtaposed with his weaknesses, the more interesting it is for me. The more I love Doctor Who.
Alright, that’s it from me. Too bad I can’t actually cut this and hide it for those of you who are not into Doctor Who. But we’ll return to proper blogging shortly.


Posted 12/15/2007 at 9:45 PM

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