Saturday December 15, 2007


I as a person, tend not to get jealous. When someone tells me they’re off to do fantastic things like travel the world, I rarely get jealous because most of the time, I’m really happy for that person. New camera? Whoa! That’s really cool. Boyfriend got you that? Awesome. Travelling the world? Take plenty of pictures!

Occasionally, I do but then, hey, we’re human. It’s usually a twinge of jealousy but I move on pretty quickly. Like when I hear that someone had gotten the break in writing/tv which I clearly want, I go “Damn, I really wish that was me, but you know you can’t compare yourself to everyone or you’ll go crazy. As they say, you can only be the best that YOU can be. You’ll never live it up if you compare yourself to other people.” And I move on. And it motivates me to work harder and get there too.

But when David tells me that HUGH LAURIE was filming in front of his flat in London, you cannot describe the jealous rage that it threw me into. HOW BLOODY UNFAIR IS THAT?! Travel the world, I can handle. Eating wonderful foods, sure I could do that one day. Money? Money isn’t everything. A break in telly or in the movies? I’ll find a way, I’ll find a way. HUGH LAURIE on my doorstep?! HOW ON EARTH CAN I EVER ACHIEVE/TOP THAT?!


Ahem…and now, we move onto our usual programming of not blogging. Heh.

Posted 12/15/2007 at 10:6 PM

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