Screaming but No One’s Listening

Thursday November 29, 2007

One thing that is seriously beginning to irritate me to no end is when I read stuff like this in the Western news and literature:

“I wish that those in the Muslim community who stand for moderation, reason and logic would stand up and be counted as opposed to letting the extremists always have their voice

Excuse me! Have you not been reading the Guardian? The paper is littered with Muslims writing to say there’s a whole bunch of us out there who extraordinarily moderate, and so extraordinarily normal that is boring. There’s a huge group of Muslims who are religious and yet, fancy Daniel Craig and watch Doctor Who. A whole bunch of Muslims who are just like you. We don’t partake in terrorists activities and we certainly never approve them. We speak about it, we speak against it. In fact, recently, a bunch of us moderate Muslims have taken to blogging about how much we abhor terrorism and soon, we’ll take to standing on top of roofs and shouting at the top of our lungs about how much we are anti-extremists.

The thing is, being normal and moderate NEVER MAKES THE BLOODY NEWS. So yes, we do stand up and we have been waving our hands screaming “Count us, count us” but DAMN YOU, you just ain’t listening, are ya? You’re content in not knowing that there are moderate Muslims out there so that you can brandish and attack the Islamic faith as extremist.


Now today was a very bizarre day. I was adding all these lovely classmates of mine to Facebook when I saw that one of my classmates’ father’s name (in Malaysia, we don’t really have surnames, it’s a first name and dad’s name) reminded me of my granduncle. Coupled that my granduncle is actually an avid writer, I had a suspicion that my classmate might actually be my aunt.

Long story short, she was! Now how bizarre was that? Here you are, fooling around with someone, talking a lot of bullshit nonsense until you realize they’re actually related to you? Eep!

In other news, I’m feeling pretty confident about my writing as days go on. I actually feel a lot more in control of my words and the characters I put to paper. It’s like being in a whole new plane of thought. And get this, instead of mumbling to people that “I’m a writer” and then looking at my shoes, I can actually look at people in the eye and say proudly: “I’m a writer”

And the best part of this course? Realizing that all writers are insane. It used to be so lonely being insane alone. Now I have fellow insane people out there.

I’m off for the evening. Plenty to write this evening. It’s the last day of my course and I want to get cracking on some more writing for the tutor to look at. It’ll be a long time till film school (definitely decided this is where I want to go) and better squeeze the most out of it. =)

Posted 11/29/2007 at 6:23 AM

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