To be or Not to Be

Sunday November 25, 2007


The cat on my bed is meditating with ease, calm and poise, qualities that I could only dream of having.

I am currently stuck on thinking up of three controversial issues that would make a great idea. I can’t think of one. Either I have been shacking up to my liberalism ideals far too much that I’ve become completely blase or nothing in this world fascinates or shocks me anymore. People are cruel, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Six more days. I’m going to miss this course when its over but I’m not going to miss how tired I am at the end of everyday. It certainly is one hell of an emotional roller coaster, coaxing my inner creative self to be more disciplined. There are times where I’m worried than in my efforts to be more disciplined and technical, I’ve lost sight of my own creative prowess. I think writers beat themselves up more than directors or actors do. Hehehe.

Is that controversial? Can I put that down?

Meh. We’ll see. Six more days till I’m a short course NIDA alumni. I’m going to miss this but at the same time, I kinda miss my corporatey part of me, working on business concepts and strategy. This too shall pass and I shall come back to the real world.

Posted 11/25/2007 at 10:56 AM

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