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Sunday November 4, 2007


It is 4:33pm and I have downed two cups of coffee, one mug of sweet tea (well, in the American sense, I really mean Thai Iced Tea, in the Malaysian sense, the ubiquitous teh tarik) and I’m still exhausted. I am very tempted to make myself another cup of coffee but that wouldn’t be a good idea. I can actually feel David‘s steely glare when I dare mention drinking more than a cup of coffee a day. I know, I know, it ain’t good for me. Lalalala

Reason for sleepiness? I was extraordinarily tired from staying up till 3am. I was writing “my essay” for reasons for wanting to attend the Astro NIDA shortcourse. Trust me, aside from pasting a picture of myself screaming “I really do want it”, it was hard to actually write a reason that showed true interest aside from some amateur work from uni.

Uni was three years ago. Whoa, that was a long time ago.

Anyway, in the end I stayed up till 3am coming up with a creative entry to convince the organizers, I’m the (wo-)man for the job! If I don’t get it, I’ll post my entry for everyone to see, if they’re curious on how “creative” I got.

For the first time in months, with work revving up and social contact time winding down, I’m starting to feel a little lonely. I really would like to meet people for lunch or dinner next week but it’s impossible. I have a deadline on Friday and I know it’s going to be one of those long weeks where I’m working nights. The sucky thing about being on your own is that you don’t actually have colleagues you can say “Hey, let’s have lunch!”. I get a bit tired of sitting at my desk or eating at home with Astro switched on and the cats bugging me.

But it’s okay, this emotional period will pass as it always does. I’ll be uppity in no time.

Even though I finished a week back, I’m finally writing out that I’ve watched Season 1 and 2, which is practically all the episodes of Life on Mars. I was so depressed when it ended, I think you’ve gotta to watch it to understand why I meant that. I’m still shocked that the Beeb (BBC) was willing to stage such an ending.

Curious? Oh, go watch it! I’m not just any Anglophile. If a show is boring, I will flick the channels. So, I swear, it is good stuff. And watch it before they Americanize it, which they will be doing by 2008. You know how that usually ends up….

Posted 11/4/2007 at 4:3 AM

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