Back from Penang

Tuesday September 11, 2007

When discussing songs with my dad:

“This is the original! This singer is a lot older than the other singer you’re talking about.”

“Old? Like how old?”

“Old like dead!”

When Dad tries to pick a fight with someone:

“What? What? You wanna fight with me? Well, your girlfriend’s got a moustache!”

Of course, Dad only says it behind someone’s back. He doesn’t actually dare say it in front of someone.


It’s been two days from our trip to Penang. Embarassingly and despite bragging to David that I was going to a tropical island where there’s sun, sea and surf, we spent most of the time there in the hotel or in the mall whilst mum worked.

I think most people would scream in agony wondering hearing about my Penang trip:  “Why? Why didn’t you go to the beach?” Here’s the thing. People who live in the tropics rarely crave the beach. We crave snow, so whilst the West craves sun and surf, we crave snow and snowmen. Europeans crave being tanned. Asians slather on SPF 3000 to remain as fair as possible.

We always want what we can’t have.

I was supposed to actually do work but I think, being absolutely honest with myself, I spent more time on the bed watching the Discovery Channel (Mythbusters rock!) and missing the Interweb. But now that I’m back in KL, I’m frantically trying to catch up. Why pace yourself when you can stress yourself the day before everything is due? It’s more fun that way.

Work is work. I’m typing up my synopsis for a TV series I’m trying to hawk/pimp that a TV producer requested. I’ve also edited a script for the VO work I’m doing tonight. The final line of the whole thing is something I’m totally proud of:

“It is only right that it remains so in our collective consciousness, as inspiration towards achieving Malaysia’s sporting dream.”

Outright propaganda, you scream? Maybe so. But it’s grammatically superior and posh propaganda!

Eizwan is coming home tomorrow! Wheee!! And, 8 more days till London. London, you say? Yes, am off to London for a long and welcomed holiday, hee hee! I got that Paris ticket to use up, after all.

Posted 9/11/2007 at 2:22 AM

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