Waiting till 2010

Tuesday September 4, 2007


Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this.

According to this, there won’t be a Doctor Who in 2009, except for three measly specials. THREE MEASLY SPECIALS!?! I am dying here, waiting for the November 16th 10 minute Children-in-need special and they’re telling me that in 2009, I can only watch THREE one hour specials? Are they trying to kill me?!

And get this, it would only be in 2010 before the good Doctor will return for a fifth season. The lack of episodes in 2009 is to accommodate David Tennant acting as Hamlet at the RSC during the summer of 2008.

You do know what this means right? This means, screw all other holiday plans. Rome, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India can wait. I AM HEADING BACK TO ENGLAND FOR THE SUMMER OF 2008 SO I CAN WORSHIP HIS HOTNESS, DAVID TENNANT ON STAGE. It’s like I almost never left Warwick at the rate I’m going. Always back in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Anyhoo, David Tennant better stay on for the fifth season for all the torment he is putting his fans through. Is it possible to turn David Tennant into a Time Lord? That way he can just remain that age for a long, long time and we wouldn’t have to go through this silly regeneration business. Or better yet, when it’s time regenerate, new Doctor but still the same old David Tennant.

I’m more than a little annoyed. I’ll be 27 when the good Doctor returns to our TV screen. It’s one thing to be an obsessed and a little ood (pun intended) over Doctor Who when you’re 24. You’re in your early twenties, you’re still a kid. But when you’re in your late twenties, wouldn’t that be a little sad to still be oodling (pun still intended) over a kid’s TV show? It’s already sad now, but I guarantee you, it’ll be strange (no more ood, I was weirding myself out there) to walk into Toys R Us to find a Sonic Screwdriver. “It’s for my…err, niece. Yeah, niece. She thinks a blue wand thingie that buzzes is uber cool.”

Geez, being a fan is difficult.

Posted 9/4/2007 at 12:7 AM

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