Wednesday December 11, 2002

Oooh! Such a slow day today. Slept most of the day, making up for my lack of sleep for the past few days. Went to Jan’s band performance. It was quite good and I have to admit, the Singapore American School‘s choir group and even the Jazz band were much better than AES. Woo! Even though I was bitten by mosquitoes, I really enjoyed the selection of songs, especially the jazzed up Christmas Carols.

My grandparents and my cousin, Farah came from KL today. Quite cool. Finally get to beraya. Did a whirlwind visit of Johor Bahru i.e. all the relatives houses. Did not get duit raya (At Christmas, ppl get presents, during Eid, esp. children, they get money). How sad. I wonder if they think I’m too old. But I’m not! I’m still a kid!!

Ate laksa Johor. Very happy about that.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Going to Singapore again (this time to see Hani’s band perform) and will get to drive again. Didn’t drive today. Very dull. But that’s life. At least I did not write about my refridgerator.

I guess I’m feeling slightly guilty right now. I have yet to start any of my holiday homework, call on my MSA committee members who are back in Malaysia (or even tell them where I am) AND have yet to text Yean Koon. I’m sooo sorry for being such a slacker!!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this. Have a good evening everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Which Sesame Street Muppet’s Dark Secret Are You?

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Posted 12/11/2002 at 10:32 AM


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