Tuesday December 10, 2002

Number 1 thing that I would really like for Hari Raya/Birthday/Souvenier from Spain : Digital Camera

Finally seen our house in Johor. Currently, we’re renting an apartment in JB while my mum’s house is being renovated. Actually, my family was supposed to move into the house before I came back from England. But oh well, no matter what part of the world we’re in: India to Malaysia to England, things never get done on time But the house is quite nice. There was a slight overgrilling of the house, my uncle Azlan had remarked: “Are you planning to move into a jail?” But we’re getting rid of the grills The house does have a nice warm hues and cosy touch to it. Some of the furnitures are a bit modern however. I wonder how its gonna match with our Indian furniture.

Going to Singapore later this afternoon. We’re going to watch my brother, Jan perform together with his school band at Orchard Road. I think they’re performing some Christmas Carols. It’ll be cool. I haven’t heard band music for sometime, and I’ll be looking forward to it. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be too jet-lagged, for the concert. It’s about the time I usually conk out. But before that, I’m going to go to Guardian pharmacy to get two things: insect repellent and strepsils. Mosquitoes have been feasting on me lately and I have a major sore throat. Too much chocolates, I think.

Finally, our Eid/Hari Raya pictures from University of Warwick appeared on  Utusan Malaysia  (Malay newspaper)!! Ahh! Quite pleased about that. Anything for a bit of glamour, I suppose ! However, I’m going to nitpick on some little things:

1) Utusan mispelled the name of our university!! We’re the University of Warwic (pronouced War-Which now??) instead of University of Warwick (pronounced War-Rick and NOT War-Wick)

2) It appeared on the 5th day of Eid as opposed to on the 1st. Sigh.

3) Most importantly, someone misspelled my name!! Ahh!! I’m Adlina (with one L) and NOT Adllina (with two L’s). I’m not quite sure to whom my displeasure should be aimed at. Hopefully at the Utusan fellow and not at the person who sent it in….

Lol. Getting a bit sleepy now. I feel a bit guilty for not working on my holiday homework. Was reading ‘Love Hina’ yesterday and was inspired to work as hard as the characters in the manga. Will work a bit harder tomorrow, heheheh. Laterz people!

Posted 12/10/2002 at 12:24 AM


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