Sunday December 8, 2002

Driving Experience: Part II

I was tricked into going to the park and exercising with my parents this morning. How was I tricked into doing so? My parents said, “You could drive us to the park!” Whoopee! Until I realised, they wouldn’t allow me to use the car by myself and I was forced to walk around the park with them.

So, how was driving? Hmm, I would have to say its quite alright. We’ll ignore my mum going “Liiinnnnn!!! Watch out for the tree!!!” and we’ll also ignore my dad: “You’re driving quite well….by the way, this is the first time I’ve put seat belts on in the back seat.” Hmmph.

The next topic is highly sensitive. Read at your own risk (esp. Siti Nurhaliza fans):

The current family obsession is making fun of poor Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysian singer, all around nice girl, lil’ Miss Perfect). Apparently, my brother and father wanted to find a flaw in her. Any form of flaw. They found it. According to her, her ears are out of proportion i.e. they’re big Now, they just can’t wait to see her come on the TV screen so they could prove to everybody that their theory is right. The worst part about it, once you hear about the theory, the first thing you notice ARE her ears.

My uncle, uncle Reza, wasn’t very amused by this revelation (Obvious Siti fan). He’s a steward for Malaysia Airlines and once, he had to serve her on a flight. According to him, he was still stirring the coffee and his friend came up to him and asked him why he hadn’t serve Siti Nurhaliza the coffee yet. He replied,

“How exactly am I going to serve this coffee? My hands are still shaking!”

Anyway, according to him, it’s not a personality flaw. How true. Sigh. She’s so annoying. Why can’t she be a bit more controversial, like Ning Baizura or something? More things to laugh at. Hahahahaha. I’m so cruel.

The thing about Winter holidays and Easter holidays is that you have so much holiday homework to do. Kinda wrecks the mood. Sigh. But oh, well. I’m at home. Will enjoy being at home

Posted 12/8/2002 at 9:20 PM


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