Saturday December 7, 2002

Hmm….interesting. I can’t access my flooble chatterbox. How strange.

Anyway, I’m finally back home. I arrived in Johor at approximately 10pm last night. It was so nice to see everyone. Manchester United had beaten Arsenal 2-0, and my brother, Jan greeted me in complete ManU attire: cap, shirt, trousers, I can’t remember if he wore ManU socks. Apparently he made a racket throughout the match last night. He took two empty bottles and banged them around and at the same time prancing around in a little victory dance he had made for United. 

Nothing’s changed very much. Well, of course I’ve only been away for two months BUT my sister, Hani has grown tall. She’s nearly my height. Alright, that’s not tall. Fine, admit I’m short. Phew. She’ll definitely start nicking my clothes from now on. Grrr.

Oooh, someone asked me how my raya was like in Coventry. I actually had a lot of fun. I was a bit down at first, but that’s just typical Adlina. And as it turns outs, it was still festive! I prayed at the Uni before going to PMIC (a resource centre in Coventry) where there was, guess what? LOADS of food! Yeah! And they actually served kuey teow (fried flat noodles…okay the description sounds a lot worse than it is)!!! Wow!! Had they served laksa Johor (noodles, served Johor style…okay, not much of a description), life would have been perfect. Went over to campus after that to do a bit of research. Was thoroughly ripped off by the university while copying. It costs 4p to photocopy stuff at Lazer Lizard but it costs 6p at the Library. Not to mention, they also charge you 1.16 pounds to buy an EMOS card so that you can photocopy stuff. Must be inspired by our very successful Warwick Business School.

Digression: I remember how Raj Khera, was looking at the people in the school and thought how the students there looked interesting (i.e. fit). David then pointed out how good it was to find someone from the WBS. At least they’ll make loads of money

Alright, alright, shallowness aside, after my photocopying session, I went over to Shahira’s place where the cookie mad baker, decided to bake pineapple tarts and kuih suji (is that how its spelled?). Woo, you learn new things at Uni all the time!!

But now that I’m home, I can’t wait to be pampered by my family. Well, kinda. My bro and sis are already bragging about how much duit raya they’ve got. And I don’t have any…sigh. They said, I was too old to have any. My argument is, you should always get util you get married. As Jan replied, “What? So we shouldn’t get married till we’re 42?”

Eh, got to go now. Rendang and pulut for breakfast. Granted, it’s more like dinner for me since I couldn’t really sleep all night long.  Oh, well. Will blog later tonight! Tata!!

P/S: Christian Coulson IS hot. Btw, Koon he played in a tv series called Forsyte Saga in the UK. Had I known he was in there, would have followed the show more closely…heheheh.

Posted 12/7/2002 at 6:57 PM


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