Friday December 6, 2002

It’s freezing cold here in the airport.

Ah, finally on the way home. I can’t help feeling a bit melancholy about going home. I wonder why? Even though I am really excited about going back to Malaysia, I feel slightly sad, like I’m missing something. I wonder what it is.

I fell asleep on the bus from Coventry to Heathrow. Rightly so, because the traffic was quite bad. It was amazing how I got any sleep. There were two extremely hyperactive kids who didn’t stop yakking away in the front seat (Year Six. Don’t ask how I know). The rest of the passengers were relatively quiet. There was one young guy (probably a Warwick student) who particularly interested me. To amuse himself, he took out a pair of knitting needles! Seriously, no joke there, and he knitted a scarf. He was quite good actually. I wonder who’s it for. What a special present!

It’s a strange feeling going back to Malaysia this December. Last year, during Eid/ Hari Raya, I went back to India. I was reflecting on the bus that I can’t remember what’s it like to live in Malaysia. It’s a funny feeling considering I’ve lived in Malaysia all my life except for the past few years. I don’t remember a routine that’s fitting for my age anymore.

I think I went through immigration too quickly this time around. I was hoping there were better shops inside as opposed to outside. I was right. However, I can’t afford any of the stuff inside. The Hugo Boss stuff was very nice, however.

I didn’t get a chance to blog in yesterday about Raya in Coventry. I will tomorrow, once I get home! It’s too cold to continue on blogging and I’m going to be off now. Miss you people in Coventry a lot. I’m coming home, everyone!

Posted 12/6/2002 at 3:18 PM


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