Monday December 2, 2002

AARGGHH!! End of term stress!

I’m sooo high on coffee! I’ve drank way too many cups on an empty stomach. As of right now, my hands are shaking and my mind is travelling at the speed of light. I know its not good, but I need to stay awake!

Xanga had been down for a few days now. How boring. Xanga, my Warwick mail, Hotmail and Yahoo are the only things I check up on. I try not to get involve in other Net things. There’s a fear that I might get too hooked on surfing the net.

Including tomorrow, only four more days till I go home! Yes, Koon. I will be back in Malaysia by the December 7th. BUT (here’s the but) I will be flying straight to Johor. AND then, in a week’s time, I’ll be flying to KL. How tough is that having two houses in Malaysia. You’re continuously displaced. 😀 The only house that I actually am certain of is my house here in Coventry! 🙂 Even then, I might be moving out of this place next year. Wooo…I’m like a nomad.

So, what exactly are my plans for the winter holidays? I wish it would be really exciting, you know? Travelling to Angkor Watt, discovering a madman is about to take over the world and then helping a handsome hero (preferably Bond) save the world. Hehehe. Speaking of handsome guys, I was told by my housemate, Raj Khera that a certain guy that I fancy, has decided to cut his hair. He no longer looks like Bozo the Clown. But now he looks like the very handsome *censored to protect identity* guy that I used to oggle at. 😛 How exciting. I have econometrics tomorrow. Note to self: Must sit closer i.e. have a good view of him. I have to take a picture of him somehow….ooh, stalking at its best 😉

Can’t wait till Wednesday. That would mean the END of my Finance test worries. Ahh! And then, that would mean shopping. And packing. Please let Raya fall on a Thursday. Please let it fall on a Thursday. Life would be sooo much easier that way. Ah, but I doubt it. It’s going to be a Friday. The Friday, I’m going to go home. I’ll be celebrating Raya on the bus. Hmm…exciting. But when I look at it in the past, for the past 5 years, my Raya has been displaced. As with my birthday and my home. It’s a bit disconcerting, not having a place that is “home” (well, aside from wherever my family is, that’s always home :-)). Still, it’s fun, in a way.

Oops, I still have yet to say what I’m going to do during my holidays? Maybe for tomorrow’s blog entry? Well, this is especially for YkK:

We seriously need to try and write a script together. Man, how many stories have we come up with in the past? Favourite one is still “Life as One”…kehkeh. Be a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck team. You think guys will oggle over us the way girls throw themselves at them? Hmm….the ability to pick and choose the men at our feet. Okay, wait. Think benefits later. Think story first! 😛

Anyhoo, I’m going to go to sleep, so g’nite, folks! Mesa getting very tired and I have a seminar at 10am tomorrow. Let’s hope I’ll get up for it! Lol!

P/S: My silly cousin, Farah has threatened to eat my portion of laksa Johor since I won’t be there on the first day of Raya (Eid). Harumph! That’s it. No chocolates for her.


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