Saturday November 23, 2002

When you walk by every night,
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kind of hectic inside
Baby, I’m so into you
Darling if you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind
But its just a sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes you come and take me

Ah! I have a splitting headache. I’ve already drunk coffee and it’s still ain’t giving me the usual stimulant as it should. Still headachey, about to collapse. Goodbye, cruel world….(alright, being slightly overdramatic).

Something interesting happened to me yesterday. I was about to get onto the bus along with some other people at the bus stop, when the bus driver who was at the door of the bus stopped me. He finally changed his mind, and said that we could get in, on condition we stayed on the lower level of the bus. I asked, why? Apparently, there was a man upstairs. He had a piece of glass and he was cutting himself with it. And not only that, he was licking the blood off. Rocking himself and everything.

How scary! There were other people on top of the bus. I noticed they either were looking straight ahead as though nothing was going on or looking outside the window. There were paramedics outside the bus and the police were coming as well. It took a good 15 minutes with the police and the paramedic climbing up and down the staircase trying to talk the guy out. Finally, the guy came down. He looked really shaken and depressed. Once outside the bus, the police tried to take him away, but he kept moaning “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” and tried to resist the police.

Went shopping today. Actually, attempted to go shopping. Actually to be more accurate, took Hiro shopping today in Coventry. To be even more accurate, shopping lasted about 20 minutes for it took him that amount of time to buy a jumper and a jacket. I mean, what is it with guys? Buying the first things they see. What happens if there are nicer things out there or better bargains? I had hoped that shopping would take longer. I mean, for those people who actually know Coventry, they would know that there’s not much to see. Sigh.

Had sushi for dinner today, courtesy of Hiro. 😉

I close my eyes and it’s gone again
When will I get the chance to say I love you
I pretend that you’re already mine
That my heart ain’t breaking every time
I look into your eyes

I’ve had several comments about my sextoy (Joya’s words, not mine) that is, Pierce Brosnan. And how he looks good. But someone had also commented that I don’t put up pictures of other things, such as AES people. I’ll do that tomorrow. But first.

He looks mighty fine here, doesn’t he? Ooh, and so very manly. Swoon.

Lol. Anyway, I’m going to log off now. I think this entry is interesting enough. I still have a headache and my left ear feels a bit funny. Hopefully I won’t fall sick. I haven’t been doing anything “naughty” i.e. running around in the rain. I’ve been extra careful. Got my coat on. Got my gloves on. Got my hat on. (And people, will you STOP picking on my hat?!)

Hmm…interesting ;-). Have a sudden desire to learn to bellydance. Must be the Shakira song I’m listening to right now. Hmm…

Posted 11/23/2002 at 6:39 PM


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