Thursday November 21, 2002

One more day till the weekend. And only a few more days before I fly back home to Malaysia! Ahhh. Home! Where I can chill and have my mum cook for me. Have my dad nag me for not doing enough :-D. Have my grandparents pamper and spoil me. Oooh!! I can’t wait!

Anyway, back to today.

I’m still thinking about what happened during Iftar today. I guess because I never expected this kind of thing to happen at ISOC. Here’s what happened. My friend K has never been to an iftar and it was really nice to see her. We sat together and just talked.

The thing is, I haven’t been able to talk to her for ages. And I had just found out like a few minutes ago that she had a boyfriend. Come on! The first thing anybody would do is to interrogate her about her boyfriend.

I was asking the usual things about him. You know, was he in the same course, when did they get together and everything. We haven’t talked for in a long while and it was just great to talk about these kinds of stuff. After a while, just as she asked me about my love life (of which I laughed off since it’s currently is non-existent, thank you very much) this lady who was sitting beside her interrupted her.

The lady was wearing a niqaab (full veiling) and I didn’t know she had been listening in. And she interrupts in, and started telling my friend off. From the gist of what I hear and from my friend, is that she was being extremely judgemental and accusatory. She barely met my friend, she was listening into a private conversation between me and her and immediately came to the conclusion that my friend is a loose woman. 

There’s a difference between giving an advice about religion and being cruel. K lost her appetite, did not eat and was nearly driven to tears. She was humiliated. I felt so angry at that woman and partly myself, because had I not brought the subject up, this whole incident wouldn’t have happened. K said she would never to go to iftar ever again. Now how is that satisfactory, I ask you? With that woman’s righteous advice on religion, she drove someone away who was trying out the first time. She humiliated and hurt someone. I hope she’s happy. Perhaps we should start getting rid of those people who have a boyfriend in ISOC. Or a girlfriend for that matter. Why don’t we just get rid of those people who don’t wear the hijab or headscarf?  Or how about those who aren’t wearing the headscarf properly? Or those wearing trousers?


On a side note, I found a gorgeous picture of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond at Unfortunately, those people decided to use Flash, and I can’t copy the pictures on my hard drive. Damn. I’ll have to content drooling over this picture.

My sister, Hani said he’s too old. Too old? Nah, mature men. Now that’s what he is! Besides, he’s hot. Who cares? Lol.

Posted 11/21/2002 at 7:57 PM


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