Wednesday November 20, 2002

If anyone has read this entry, you’d notice it’s changed. As in the entire thing! I had a look at it and thought, I didn’t really like it. So, I decided to delete the entire thing and wait for something more interesting to happen.

And it actually did!

I watched “Die Another Day” today with Marianne. I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it better than all of the other Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan in it. It was really action-packed right to the end and I have to say, Pierce Brosnan looked quite fine in that one. Through out the entire movie, I kept thinking, “He looks noice there. And there. And here. And ooh, really sexy there.” Droool. What is it about James Bond? The man drinks too much, smokes (at least in this movie) and he’s a womaniser. But damn, he’s so fine! Seriously, if all the men in MI6 are like James Bond, I’d give up financial banking (or whatever it is I might end up doing) and be a spy instead!

Update on Rojak practice. The return of the mega-bitch, mega-tension Cultural Officer. That is, me. I had a huge ice-cream sundae that I shared with Dina before the practice. And a cuppacino. Great stuff. Except that it made me hyper. And paranoid. And edgy. And definitely over-dramatic. I kept pestering people “Please first years, bring in ALL your friends to Rojak. PLEASE!” as though it was the end of the world if they didn’t. Great to see that people was still able to tolerate me and not wring my neck. Or at least throw me out the window in Union North.

But anyway, how was the practice? Aside from an accident which involved someone getting kicked in the crotch and cowering in pain for a while (person shall remain nameless to protect his identity), the practice went really well. To quote Halim, well, not exactly, to quote him, but to paraphrase what he said: They were a bit apprehensive before they begin but when they start to get into it, they really get into it, and they’re dedicated, funny and committed. Some people really cracked me up, I’m really pleased.

Hiro (friend from AES) is coming this weekend. Have to think of something to do. I don’t really feel like showing him around Coventry. There’s really nothing much I can show him there, can I?

I’m still hungry, but can’t think of anything to eat. Or anything that will take me less than a few minutes to cook. Damn. I ran out of mee maggi a few weeks back. It would have been great to have a bowl of it right now. I could content myself with going to bed hungry, or maybe making myself spaghetti. Still thinking about it. Maybe I’ll attempt the spaghetti.

Alright. Time for me to log off and cook. Watch “Die Another Day”. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll leave you off with the picture of my current honey. Happy dreams!

Doesn’t he look like a dream? Swooon.

Posted 11/20/2002 at 6:32 AM


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