Sunday November 17, 2002

I’m ROFL. I am literally, rolling on the floor laughing. It feels so good to be doing that after working my butt of on this essay. For a bit of a laugh go to this site:

Although, I will give fair warning. Do not go to the site if you are faint hearted, suffer any heart problems or unable to take a joke. I’ve got a lot of slagging off from people who are unable to laugh at themselves for this one.

It’s been a very boring weekend for me. Most of the time, its been staring at my window watching people go by and wishing it was me out there. Alright, I have been reading as well.

Last night, my two housemates, Raj x 2 decided to go to Remedy and Boogie Nights at the Student Union. How unfair. I would have loved to join them. Instead, I was stuck at my computer reading about the Democratic Peace Thesis. Could nights get anymore exciting than this?

Anyway, last night, whilst attempting to amuse myself, I played the “Bole Chudiyan” video again and attempted to do the dance moves myself. I’ve no sense of rythm when it comes to dancing. (I don’t know how exactly I made it to the Grease back in the American Embassy School (AES).)  I must have looked really stupid, kicking off my slippers and then dancing to Hindi music on my laptop. Hmm…Glad no one was home to see me (or worse take pictures of me!). Other ways of attempting to amuse oneself: I had a debate with Firdaus  (co-scholar at the SC) on a hypothetical situation of war between Sweden and Britain. My question is, who would France help?

ID story, part two:  I finally recieved my cards in the post. It was like meeting up with an old friend. The person who sent me a card had put a little note in there saying: “Sorry about your cards”. It kinda made me feel a better about it. At least I could go to the Student Cinema again. Yay!

Marianne just called up to see if we needed batteries for our smoke detectors. We’ve been living in a house with faulty smoke detectors. We would never have found out had the university not asked us to check and see if its working. After back breaking attempts to test it (well, back breaking on Marianne’s behalf, I was too short to help. I just gave moral support), we found out that there were no batteries in them at all! Sheesh.

Anyway, back to work. I’m really hungry. I want to eat something nice and hot (prefereably rice) and preferably someone else to cook it for me. But oh well, I suppose, I’ll cook it myself. Ah, later. After I get my butt cracking on this essay (boy, that sounded a lot ruder than i intended)

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna – My bangles say, my braclets say

Haai main ho gayi teri saajna – I have become yours sweetheart.

Hehe, want more? Got to Bole Chudiyan lyrics at


Posted 11/17/2002 at 11:16 AM


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