Saturday November 16, 2002

Phew! All done. I’ve spent over half an hour sitting on the floor trying to sort the wires connecting my table lamp, speakers, computer and modem together. It’s still messy but I think less haphazard than it was before. I’m sure many would beg to differ, but I’m alright with it.

I’m still kinda dazed. I slept pretty late last night (at four in the morning) doing two things at the same time. One, I was working on my essay and the other, waiting for a music video to be downloaded. No, it was a valid music video. I was downloading a Hindi music video for the Rojak. Took me ages.

Watching the video yesterday made me realize that watching ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ was completely unnecessary. Janice and I went over to Johan’s place where we kicked off Mat Zab and Asyrul from the telly so that we could use their video player. It made me feel bad. ‘Hannibal’ was on. I wanted to watch it too!

Anyhoo, I sat with a very tired and sleepy Janice and we watched (well more like fast-forward to every dance scene in the movie) to see if there was anything we could copy. There were some, but in my opinion, they were a bit too modern for the song we picked. But it would do. That was when I decided to download the video clip. In my opinion, it looked easier than the dance moves in ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’. Alright, I might be biased since I totally love K3G.

Sigh…one more day until this essay is done and I’m back to my old routine again…I can’t wait! I’m already dreaming of the things I could do during my ‘free time’ (there’s no such thing here though). Here’s what I’ve got planned: I’m going to town on Monday to buy myself some hand lotion for my poor extremely dry hands, collect my glasses and buy Hannibal the novel. Was very inspired to read the novel after watching bits of the movie. I won’t buy chocolate however. I’m trying to fend of my Aero addiction. And, well, Raj Khera bought for me, under my request, a whole new pack on Friday. This is awful!! I’ve been trying to justify my eating chocolates with my already loose pair of trousers (heehee!!) but I can’t justify the amount of sugar I’m eating! Shahira  suggested finishing the whole pack under an hour so that I would be sick of Aero bars. But I like Aero bars. I don’t want to be sick of them.

Ah, well. Back to work. I should stop watching the video. I’ve deleted a codec by accident and now I can’t watch Buffy. Damn. Took me ages to find that codec and now to look for them AGAIN!


Posted 11/16/2002 at 8:45 AM


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