Wednesday November 13, 2002


Yawn! I am perpetually tired lately. I wonder if its due to the lack of caffeine. I haven’t drunk coffee in three days! That can’t be good.

Being perpetually tired isn’t good because I can’t down to work properly. It is one of those weeks where I have so many things to do. Seminar reading after seminar reading is just piling up. Not to mention, in my Principles of Finance class, I’ve just no clue as to what is going on. It’s really disturbing to hear the lecturer, Ilias Tsiakas say, “The CAPM is really easy stuff. And very important.” when everything he says just flies over your head. More reading to do AND an essay for Theories of International Relations, due Monday, which I haven’t even started to work on.

But that’s just university.

Went over Josh’s house today to pick a piece of music for our Rojak project. I have not ever been to his house before and I really was impressed with it. It was huge, the rooms in general were really big and they had made it very cosy. Plus they have my current favourite channel on all the time: CNX.

The song picking process went rather smoothly, it was the editing of the song that was really complicated. Actually, since I’ve no clue how to edit songs it looked really complicated. Not to mention the song we chose, we had a very bad copy of it with loads of skips. The final result so far was not impressive. But I wasn’t a lot of help either. I joined, Adil, Danial and Halim in watching Dragonball Z as opposed to helping out Josh, Janice and John.

Oh, well. We’ll get it done by the weekend. But first, I have lots of other things to worry about.

Posted 11/13/2002 at 4:33 PM


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