Tuesday November 12, 2002

Ooooh, I am soo darn sleepy. And very, very hungry. It’d be nice to eat right now, but as it is, I’m fasting.

Had my Econometrics test today. It was alright. Nothing fantastic. I don’t believe I wrote a mind-boggling good test. It’s only worth 5% of the module. Let’s try and put that into perspective. It’s worth 0.625% of my entire degree. I have other times to make it up if I do badly, heheheh.

The current thing that’s taking up most of my time? Rojak! Krisvali have now been scrapped and replaced by Rojak. Why Rojak? Because Raya/ Eid is coming up and we decided to put all of it together with Christmas and Deevali.

Yesterday, was Meet the First years and the first Rojak meeting. Well, actually, it was me trying to cast people to act. There were some really good sport in the MSA. We have some great first-years that would make their presence felt through out the year. I can’t wait for them to act. It’d be great.

Alright, I think I’m going to bed now. I might go to the Reuters presentation tonight but I’m not sure. I’m just so exhausted. Might skip everything. We’ll see.

6:26pm: Currently in Safa’s room. She’s given me a place to chill before tonight’s presentation. Thanks!! Also, thank you for the lovely pictures that I have now added into the Events section. Please check it out, it’s on November 9th event Raya pictures!. Very stuffed due to today’s Iftar. Won’t complain of hunger. Well, not until late tonight. 

Posted 11/12/2002 at 9:10 AM


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