Friday November 8, 2002

Cooking Diary: Covered in Flour

The quest to make my apple pie is at hand. I’ve just completed an apple pie. Well, making it that is. It’s in the oven, where only time will tell whether I was successful.

Alright, since yesterday I had this utter craving to make apple pie. So what do I do? I did some research on the internet for recipes (for the easiest recipe of course!) and found three great websites: , of which, all of them seemed relatively easy enough to make. Of course, all of them required a lot of you know proper measuring instruments to make it. I decided to wing it. My excuse is, my Tok Mi (my grandmother) didn’t need proper chef’s equipment to bake the best  kuih in Malaysia. But then again, my grandmother happened to be extremely creative with her hands. You know how they say things skip a generation? I’m certain it’s like two generations.

Alright, without going into detail, I would have to say, baking is quite stressful. I had to run back and forth from the kitchen to my room to check the recipe on my laptop. And the words of Xav (friend in India) were ringing in my ears: “Don’t take it the wrong way. But I think you’re going to screw it up.”  I think of all things that went wrong, definitely the pastry. It’s just too thin. Plus, I didn’t make enough. Granted I didn’t measure. But we don’t really need to measure things in life. Measuring is for boring people.

But what was the end result? Even though the pastry is pretty thin and it looks pretty unpresentable, I really like the taste!! Hahah! I am queen!! Now, aside from spaghetti bolognese, I can bake!. All I need is a starter and I can have company for dinner. I am genius.

Adlina nods off, dreaming of entertaining famous movie stars and singers. On the menu served: apple pie.

Posted 11/8/2002 at 7:4 PM


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