MSA Events

Currently Playing: Round RoundHmm…I’m thinking here. I’ve decided that blue is the way to go. Although, it’s still pretty boring in nature. The other thing I’ve added is IR news, to remind me that I’ve to start reading the Economist or something. I think, when I have the time and energy to do it, I’ll sit down and create something nice. But for now, I’ll just have to settle with plain blue with IR news.

Today is the first day of Ramadhan! Fasting time. David said he was going to fast as well. Quite impressed with his determination. I have to remind myself to ask ISOC (and wait, join ISOC) about tomorrow’s charity dinner. If it means less cooking for me, i’m in!

I finally got my internet up and running! It’s great! It took me how long? A month and a half? But now that it’s finally here, I’ve been specifically told by my parents not to stay on the Net too long. Too distracting. Although, currently it’s the hunger that I’m feeling is more destructive for me.

Back to MSA events. Yesterday Halim (the other cultural officer) and I were working together on a script for Krisvali. Was quite worried about it at first. I mean, I don’t know Halim too well, and I wasn’t sure what kind of impression I’m making. Turns out to be quite alright. We already have an idea on what we’re going to do: subject to approval by the committee of course. I’ve written a draft of the play. I would rather do that than read Economics.

Shopping! I would have to shop soon. I’m literally running out of food. I’ve discovered that I much prefer going shopping for food on my own. I could take as much time as I want and buy things without comments such as “You’re actually going to eat that ?” What if I am? Hah! But I’m going to be soo hungry when I shop, it’s going to be majorly troublesome.

Meeting tonight, with the previous commitee. Must learn to behave and put on a good appearance. Will be evil later. Muahahahahhah!


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