First blog

Alrighty then. My first blog. I’ve already known Lee Cheng to do it, but hers is so sophisticated that I’ll be a bit embarassed to tell her that I have one. I feel like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, lol.

But anyway.

Weather is gloomy but not so cold today in Coventry. I’m wearing my lovely hat, not because it’s warm but I seem to be having a really bad hair day. And not to mention I’m in a terrible mood as well. Went over to Johan’s place last night and spent like hours just talking to Eizwan and Johan. They’re great guys but I feel like I’m wasting both our time. I could have spent it better.

Which brings me right to the concern that I’ve become so much more Malaysian nowadays. Everything about me is either MSA or going over to Shahira’s and Jo’s or Kak Adniz’s place. Arrrgghh! I’m in England! I should absorb more of the English/European culture! I should be watching Eastenders and eating cheese from France! I shouldn’t be more Malaysianized!!

I like the colour green for this sight. But I guess, it suddenly occured to me that the site is called Varsity Blues. It should be blue…Hmm.

Can’t type for very long. I have to meet Halim (more Malaysians again!) to discuss Krisvali. Krisvali? It’s combination of Christmas and Deevali. As the new cultural officer of the Malaysian Students Association, I’m in charge (together with Halim, of course) to create a play for the night. Can’t think of anything right now, but I’ll get there. Hopefully things will work out. We’re on a pretty tight schedule. Its Week 6 and the play would be on Week 9. Woohoo! Looks like I’ll be spending loads on hair dye this year to cover all the grey hairs I’ll be getting.


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